Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Tattoo.

So, I got my tattoo done two days ago, (Monday 10th May).
...and my blog was named after my tattoo, not the other way round, I might have my routines, but I'm not so much of an internet junkie.
Well this is not so much inspirational or eye opening, but a diary entry.
The woman who did my back, was a recent good friend of mine, she's in the year above on my graphics course in uni.
The pain never came, but uncomfortable factor, over some areas reached a 4/10.
Having no pain is dangerous 'cause i can see myself getting carried away and i'll be Kat Von D in no time.
But yeah, anyone within in the stoke-on-trent area, she had good rates, a graphic mind and a steady hand.

I have finished uni, and I'm heading back to the Wirral today for a visit from some bloody Geordies!! :D
My Aunt and Cousin, who haven't visited in almost 15 years!! So we'll show them some of the sites...
then I'm back on saturday till the 30th of May when my lease ends.
Its been a good year Staffordshire Uni, and next semester is when the workload begins! cannot begin to express my excitement!

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