Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Photography an Art?

...was a question I was asked today, the way I'd answer that is...

Art is the impact of emotion.
every joe with a camera calls them self a photographer, when infact they are photo takers.
the art form leaves people asking questions or making their own stories, leading to discussions on a peice, just as art in the form of a painting would, however the creator of an accurate painting is a skilled painter, not an artist.
all these "be a model for a day, photoshoots" in manchester, are photo takers, who understand the science behind lighting and iso numbers. every girl who pays for their photo there, have the exact same scene, bold lighting, angle and pose as the last paying customer, the art is being creative, leaving the audience curious.

\open discussion.


  1. Anybody can be a photographer/photo-taker. It takes skills to create, manipulate the printing and achieve an outcome of a finished result.
    However an artist with a creative mind is something very rare and special.

  2. I agree. I think its the same as someone having a go at a business, anyone can do it but it takes someone very different to make something work perfectly. People only get taught what others already know, so i think real artists and creative people are the ones who do something that hasnt been done before.