Monday, August 24, 2009

a blog? hmm , I don't know where to start really. I just really fancied creating one, even just as my own records on history, like a diary as such.
where am i this moment? sitting virtually home along watching the morning crack in my living room at 2am.

my sleeping patterns are quite the bizarre right now.
I've heard its based around high anxiety and stress levels, i hope not, as i dont feel there is anything bothering me right now, however it could just be down to excitement.
I'm making the big move in less than a month for uni, its going to be a massive change for me, however, one i feel i will greatly benefit from. new start ay, new area, new beginnings! I'm a very family orientated person and will miss everyone a ton, however im only an hour down the road :)

for my first blog, i wanna keep it breif, and not to bore any one :D ciao x

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